Thingiverse Alternatives

Best Thingiverse Alternatives Of 2023

In this article we will know alternatives of Thingiverse. Thingiverse can be called a universe of 3D Printable files. It is the oldest website of its type which was launched in the year 2008 by its parent company MakerBot which manufactures 3D printers and its related products whose founder is Zach Smith and MakerBot was later acquired by Stratasys in 2013.

Thingiverse has got the biggest community and has the highest traffic. The website is extensively used by 3D printing enthusiasts and hobbyist. 

Websites Like Thingiverse


Thangs thingiverse alternative

Thangs is a search engine for 3D models in its true sense, it also has some unique features such as search by design. Thangs was launched by USA based company Physna. Physna, which is its parent company, was founded in 2015 by Paul Powers and Dennis Demeyere. The company has its expertise in geometric deep learning technology.

Thangs Thingiverse alternatives

Pros of Thangs

  • Thangs has more 3D models when compared to thingiverse 
  • 30+ file formats are supported by this website
  • It has cool features such as search by 3D model, which functions just like google search by image.
  • Any 3D model uploaded on this website an augmented file for that model is also formed.
  • It has features such as rendering of 3D model on the website, with which one can also view the models in different orientations and colors.
  • People can collaborate and can design a model collectively one can also track the changes and progress made by other designer
  • Website has a very user-friendly experience.

Cons of Thangs

  • Search by keyword feature is not that powerful at times
  • Users are responsible for the designs they post, Physna or Thangs don’t take any accountability.
  • Thangs is comparatively new website, hence its community is not that strong.
  • One Can not get the 3D models printed from this website.


Cults3d Thingiverse alternatives

Cults3D is one of the biggest marketplace websites for 3D printing. It was founded in the year 2014 by Hugo and Pierre. The website has a French origin. Users of the website can both sell and buy designs through it. Cults3D charges some commission on every design being sold on its website. The website also allows the designer to sell their designs for free. More than 5 million users visits this website every month.

Pros of Cults3D

  • Variety of paid designs are available at a cheap price.
  • Website has a strong community of experienced contributors.
  • Has the option to both sell ones designs or distribute it for free.
  • GIF display of the 3D designs on home screen looks very attractive.

Cons of Cults3D

  • The user interface and experience of the website is not that great
  • Don’t have features such as rendering of the 3D files or generating augmented models


Printables Thingiverse alternatives

Printables is a 3D model database website. It was launched in 2019 and known by the name, but  in 2022 they renamed it to The parent company of the website is Prusa Research which was established in the year 2012, it deals in 3D printers and its products. 

Pros of Printables

  • Community engagement of the website is very strong.
  • It has a variety of creative 3D models.
  • It is backed up by Prusa Research.

Cons of Printables

  • One can not get 3D models printed from this website
  • Users can not monetise their designs on the website.


Yeggi Thingiverse alternatives

Yeggi claims themself to be a marketplace of 3D Printer models it was launched in April 2013, by Sebastian Karpp who is German. Yeggi does not have any of the 3D models of itself, it’s just the 3D model aggregator website. It is amongst the oldest websites in this category.

Yeggi has got an ordinary interface and in terms of user experience and features it is not that advanced when compared to the new websites. It simply collects data from various communities and marketplace and presents them on their website.


Myminifactory Thingiverse alternatives

Myminifactory is a 3D file distribution platform, it is a London based website which was launched in 2013. Currently Nebo Nikolic is the CEO of myminifactory. In 2018 Myminifactory launched the feature by which the creator can monetise their content and Myminifactory charges a small commission on every model which is sold on their platform.

Myminifactory has both the options on their website which gives it users a freedom to sell or distribute the designs for free. Prime focus of this website is towards 3D Printing hobbyist. 


Pinshape Thingiverse alternatives

Pinshape was launched in 2013, by Formlabs which is its parent company founded in the year 2011. Formlabs sells and manufactures 3D printer its head office is in Vancouver, Canada. Lucas Matheson, Nick Schwinghamer and Ander Yanes are its founders.

Pros of Pinshape

  • The website has a good user interface and is user friendly
  • It has both free as well paid designs available on it. 

Cons of Pinshape

  • Pinshape lacks in features when compared to new websites, features such as 3D model rendering and augmented reality are not present
  • The website also has less number of printable files when compared to its peers.



Stlfinder is similar to Yeggi, it is an aggregator website which lists all the 3D models from different websites. Origin of this website is from Spain. The website focuses  on useful and productive 3D prints. It has an average user interface and the user experience is not so good. Stlfinder has both free as well as paid 3D models listed on it. It does not have features to render 3D model or augmented reality

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