Techniques to remove 3d print from the bed

Remove 3D print from bed : techniques

There are times when it becomes hard to remove a print from the print bed. It is very common as the filament is melted to form a 3D model and in this process, it sticks to the platform. Detaching the print from the print bed does not require force it requires technique, which comes with practice and of course, there are various tools and ways that can help you remove the print from the bed with much ease. In this article, we will know them.

Don’t break your print!

Before removing the print from the print bed always remember to be gentle. Don’t use too much force as it can break the model. Focus on the tools and techniques. 

Ways of removing 3D models from the print bed.

Using Scraper 

Using the scrapper is the most standard practice that is followed. Use a good quality scraper that is long and flexible to bend so that it can easily get inside the base layer and print bed.

Scratch the junction of the base layer and bed with the help of the scraper. Don’t just keep pushing inside the model keep twisting the scraper along with the base layer. Soon you will hear the popping sound and the print will separate from the bed

Apply some pressure

Before applying pressure ensure that the print bed has come to room temperature. Applying pressure does not mean you can push the model in any direction or from anywhere.

Pressure has to be applied at an angle and gently. With the help of your thumb slightly above the bed and push the model slightly upwards direction. Don’t push the print from the higher angels or with much force as it can break the object.

Using water and alcohol solution

By using this technique one can easily remove their 3D prints from the bed in a few minutes. One can simply form the water and alcohol solution and can spray it on the base of the print and wait, after a few minutes one will be easily able to lift their prints.

Check your filament as some alcohol react with the filament and can damage the print. After you have removed the print clean the bed properly.

Using Nippers

We can not use a scraper for small prints as it can damage them. For such small prints we use nippers, one can simply cut the edges of the base from different sides after this the 3D model can be removed from the bed easily.

Creating a temperature difference

3D models pop on their own after creating the temperature difference. Simply put the build platform inside the freezer and wait for some time. By doing this process the bond between the 3D print and the bed becomes weak and the model gets detached from the bed easily without any effort. 

Using a hair spray to bed

Hair spray helps in both sticking the filament to the bed and also helps at the time of removing it.

It simply forms a sticky surface on the print bed which helps the filament to stick on the bed and when the print gets complete and it cools down the hair spray layer formed on the print bed helps to remove the model easily.

Clean the bed properly before print

Before printing a new model it has to be ensured that the bed is clean. As remains of the previous filament make it difficult to remove the print from the bed. Cleaning the bed with isopropyl alcohol can solve this problem.

Using Flexible bed

Apart from the conventional print bed which is stiff to bend one can use a flexible print bed they are made from special material which does not lose its shape with a slight bend wham ban build platforms are of good quality and it comes in a variety of sizes for your printer.

After the print is complete let the build platform cool and lift it and bend it gently your print model will pop out easily.

Using Gel Cold Pack

To remove the 3D print from the bed Gel Cold packs can also be used it’s quite an easy trick to get print off the bed. The gel pack creates a temperature difference due to which 3D prints gets removed from the bed easily you hear the loud crack when they pop loose.

Before using the ice pack make sure that the bed has cooled down to the room temperature

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