3D printing in sports industry

3D Printing in the sports industry has enabled athletes to get customized equipment. 3D printing of sports equipment has also improved its design.

Use of 3d printing in the sports industry is increasing rapidly due to the fast-changing customer needs, demands and rising requirements in product performance is constantly changing which is a challenge for sports equipment manufacturers to come up with new and improved products to stay competitive. And 3D printing enhances the development of new products by providing an efficient approach in rapid prototyping.

Let us take a look at the achievements accomplished with the aid of 3D printing in the sports industry:

3D Printing application in sports

Customized shoes

Ever wonder there is numerous number of people on this planet each having their own shape, size and comfort style of foot but then also we usually categorize shoes on the basis of length of an individual.

 3D printing has made customization of shoes possible with this technology people can get shoes exactly according to their shape and size of the foot. This gives comfort to the athletes to a greater extent and has also helped them increase their performance.

This technology is being adopted at a much faster pace by all the leading shoe manufacturers like Nike and Adidas.

Helmets for head

Traditional helmets are being replaced by 3D printed ones, especially in sports like racing. These helmets are made according to individual head shapes and sizes. The old fit to all foam is being replaced by 3D printed structures.

These structures contributes not only in terms of comfort but are also designed in such a way that at the point of impact it absorbs the force and disperses it evenly. This helps in saving many lives.

These helmets are graded as one of the safest helmets and are quickly being replaced by traditional ones.

Mouth Guards

Fit to all moth guards can be irritating 3D printing has contributed customization to it. A perfect fit mouth guard improves safety by stabilizing the shoulder, neck, head, and jaw muscles as well as enhancing the reaction time. It helps to improve the flow of oxygen which helps to increase the performance of the athlete.

3D printed prosthetics

Prosthetics can be considered the most revolutionary outcome of 3D printing, it has enabled the disabled and helped them to lead not only a normal life but also compete in various sports.

Now a person with a missing leg can get a prosthetic leg and can do cycle racing. This niche is going through a lot of research phases and has huge potential in the coming future.

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Printing broken parts of games

Remember how a missing piece of chess or bingo number could result in spoiling the whole game. The only solution to this was to buy a completely new set which will waste money and it might be out of stock which could spoil the whole mood.

3D printing one can instantly print that missing part and save cost and time one can even add a personal touch also.

3D printed indoor games 

Gone are the days when one has to purchase costly indoor games, 3D printing makes it easy to print and play such games. One can easily find ready to print models of games like chess, ludo, and a variety of other games on websites like Thingiverse. 

This print and play technique also helps kids to learn, they are able to assemble complex models in a fun and easy way.  

Shin, knee, and elbow guards

3D printing helps to produce such protectors according to ones exact body shape. These parts are made from light materials which are comfortable to wear. Cyclists use them they are designed in such a way that they are aerodynamic which helps them to increase their performance. 

Stands for various Equipment

3d Printing of stands is now getting more in trend. One can customize a stand according to their own need and the space available to them. Various designs are available for various sports equipment stands for basketball, Golf ball, golf club, and various other things.  It’s a very creative use of 3D printing

How is 3D printing influencing the sports industry?

Shorter supply chain

Now with 3D printing sports equipment can be produced quickly. This has resulted in a reduction in inventory. It has enhanced the manufacturing performance.

Improve performance of athletes

Since the sports equipment are designed customize and after thorough research, they tend to add comfort and improve their performance. They are made according to strength to weight ratio that improves their speed and performance

Focus on safety

Products are being made in such a way that was not possible with traditional manufacturing. They are designed with safety first approach.

Increased participation

Increase in safety resulted in increase in participation in sports. People can focus on improving their skills rather than protection. Enhanced the performance

Improved sustainability

It is also helping the environment as raw materials used in 3D printing are recyclable and biodegradable. Also, it is additive in nature as models are produced in a layer by layer fashion which reduces the wastage and protects the environment.

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